Automatic Account Activation

All accounts on FatherStock are activated automatically, eliminating the need for users to request activation.

Account Suspension:

In case your account is suspended or if you encounter any issues, please follow the below steps:

  • Contact FatherStock Support

    • Visit the Support Ticket System.

  • Create a New Ticket

  • Write the Following

    • Subject: I want to activate my account on FatherStock.

    • Write your email registered with FatherStock.

  • Attach Payment Receipt or Invoice

    • Attach the payment receipt or invoice for the purchased package.

  • Submit Ticket

    • Click on 'Submit' to create the support ticket.

  • Wait for Activation

    • Wait for 24 hours; the support team will activate your account and get in touch with you.

Please ensure that the information provided in the support ticket is accurate and includes the necessary details for a swift resolution.