Google Tag Manager is available on all plan stores of Fathershops.

Fathershops allows you to integrate GTM in your store & customize the data sent to analytics.  It is an entirely free application that allows website owners and marketers to manage and deploy various tracking tag such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other marketing tags, on their websites without having to modify the website's code directly.

Add Google Tag Manager to your Fathershops store


  1. Log in to your website's admin panel. Fathershops : Ecommerce 

  2. Locate the "Apps" tab and click on "Marketing".

  3. Click on Google Tag Manager & Install the app. 

Now Follow these steps : 

  1. Go to Google Tag Manager

  2. Login with your Google Account if you are not already logged in.

  3. Click on Create Account

4. Fill the Following fields 

5. Select the Target Platform Web and click on create 

6. Click the checkbox and click on Yes.

7. A loading will Start, and you will be automatically redirected to Google Tag Manager Dashboard And A popup will appear.


8. Your GTM(Google Tag Manager) Id will be shown in the top section Copy that and paste it in your Google Tag Manager App in Fathershops Store & click on “Save” 


Now GTM is added in your website, to check please verify that you installed Google Tag Manager properly. 

Verify that Google Tag Manager is installed.

To verify that you installed Google Tag Manager properly, you can use:

  • Click on the Preview Mode in Google Tag Manager & enter your website url.

  • A new window will popup opening your website, indicating that GTM is installed successfully in your website.