We are excited to offer product bundles, which are curated groups of products that offer convenience and value to our customers. A product bundle is an effective way to increase sales and maximize profits for your e-commerce businesses. It allows customers to purchase multiple products at a discounted price, which in turn increases customer loyalty and engagement. With product bundles, customers can buy more than one item in a single transaction, saving time and money. Moreover, product bundles offer an opportunity for businesses to showcase their entire product range in one place, which can help attract new customers. By using the right combination of products, businesses can create attractive bundles that appeal to their target audience and drive more sales.

To access the Product Bundle option, follow these steps:

  1. Go to FatherShop's website and log in to your admin account.

  2. Navigate to the "General" tab in the admin panel.

  3. Look for "Product Bundles" and click on "Settings."

  4. Switch to the "Control Panel" tab within the product bundle app.

  5. Fill in the required information according to your preferences.

  6. Ensure that the module status is enabled and save the changes.

Once the status is enabled, you can find the product bundle app under the catalog dropdown menu.

To configure the settings for the product bundle, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the "Settings" tab within the product bundle.

  2. Choose the options one by one and provide the relevant information.

Now, let's move on to creating a new bundle:

  1. Navigate to the "Bundles" tab.

  2. Click on "Create a New Bundle."

  3. Set the bundle status as "Enabled."

  4. Enter the bundle name that will be displayed in the widget. If Arabic language is enabled, write the bundle name in Arabic as well.

  5. Write SEO keywords and a description for your bundle.

  6. Add products and quantities to include in the bundle under "Product Rules." 

  7. Choose where to show the bundle:

    • Products: Select the products in which the bundle will be visible.

    • Category: Choose the categories where you want to display the bundle.

Next, configure the discount options:

  1. Select the discount type between fixed discount and percentage discount.

  2. Choose the discount value based on your preference.

    • For fixed discount, customers will receive the specified discount amount on their product bundle.

    • For percentage discount, customers will receive a percentage discount on the product bundle.

Optional Settings:

  1. Select the customer group(s) for which the product bundle will be visible. Leave it blank to display the bundle for all customer groups.

  2. Write the sort order for the bundle.

  3. Set the date from which the bundle will be visible to customers.

Now Save the Bundle chages. 

Note: You can create multiple bundles from different or the same products as per your choice. You can enable or disable the bundle at any time, and you can also duplicate existing product bundles and make necessary changes.

You can use filters to search for your product bundle by its name, products, discount value, and status.

In the "Statistics" tab, you can view various stats related to your product bundle widget, such as the number of views, number of orders, and number of people who added the bundle to their cart.

To display the product bundle on your website:

  1. Go to the "Theme" section.

  2. Navigate to the "Layout" option.

  3. Choose the page layout where you want to display the product bundle.

  4. Add a row or column to the selected layout.

  5. Add a module, choose the app, and select "Product Bundle."

  6. Click on "Save" and clear the cache.

Go to your website's front end and check the page where you added the product bundle. Also, verify if the bundle widget is displayed on product and category pages if you have added it there as well.