Discounts are undeniably enticing and hold the potential to significantly benefit your website's sales performance.  Discounts can be a highly beneficials for your website to increase sales. It is a  great way to attract new customers. Offering discounts to existing customers can enhance their loyalty to your brand.

To extend discounts to your customers, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Fathershops store dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the marketing section and select "coupons." 

  3. Click on the "Create Coupon" button.

  4. Opt for one of the predefined options or craft a customized coupon (you can also modify the predefined options). 

  5. Edit the coupon details under the "General" tab:
    • Coupon Name- Specify a name for the coupon.

    • Code- Assign a unique coupon code for customers to enter during checkout.

    • Status- Activate the coupon by marking it as enabled

  6. Configure the coupon application under the "Apply To" tab:
    • Products- Specify eligible products or entire cart if no specific product is selected.

    • Category- Optionally, choose specific product categories for coupon application.

  7. Set the discount parameters under the "Value" tab:
    • Type- Choose either a percentage or fixed amount discount.

    • Discount- Define the discount amount.

    • Required amount- If required, set a minimum cart total for coupon activation.

    • Free shipping- Decide whether to include free shipping with the coupon. 
      8. Manage eligibility through the "Eligibility" tab:

      • Customer login- Determine whether customer login is necessary to avail the coupon.

      • Uses per coupon- Specify the maximum overall usage limit of the coupon. Leave blank if coupon can be availed multiple times. 

      • Uses per customer- Define the maximum usage limit per individual customer. Leave blank if coupon can be availed multiple times by any customer.9. Establish the coupon's availability using the "Available Date" section:

        • Set a start and end date for the coupon's validity.

          10. Save the configured changes.

          11. Afterward, make the coupon accessible to customers by either displaying the coupon code on your website or promoting it through marketing channels.

          By following these steps, you can seamlessly offer attractive discounts to your customers, thereby enhancing your website's appeal and driving increased sales.
          Note: Anytime the coupon code is utilized during the checkout process, pertinent details will be available in the coupon history.