In the beginning, in order to document your store and activate the payment, you must obtain a document of the care document called (sales management and activation).

Your Documents Documents

1- A course in sales (directly from the Doroob platform).

Course link

2- A course in e-marketing methods and techniques (free via Doroob platform)

Course link

After completing these two courses, you will complete the rest

1- A picture of the store designed and ready from the top of the page, showing the link to the store and another picture at the bottom of the page

Example :


Then you combine the two courses that you obtained from the Doroob platform into one PDF file through the tool for compiling PDF files from this link

Then you will compress the file again using this link

Then you go to the (freelance) platform and register

1- Name

2- Email

3- National identity

4- Date of birth (in Hijri)

5- The city

6- Mobile number

7- The secret code

Then you will receive a code via mobile that you enter

Then click on “Issue a new document”

1- Choose this category and specializations

2- Attach the following files at once

1- Two pictures of the store

2- Compressed certificate file


Then the number of files will appear like this

Then click on submit and wait for approval