Linking Your Third-Party Domain to Fathershop Store

Follow these simple steps to seamlessly connect your third-party domain to your Fathershop store. By updating DNS settings and configuring your domain in the Fathershop Control Panel, you'll ensure a smooth integration.

Step 1: Login to Your Domain Control Panel

Log in to your Domain Control Panel. If your domain is from GoDaddy, visit their website and log in to your GoDaddy account.

Step 2: Update DNS Settings

Locate DNS Settings Section:

  • Find the DNS settings section within your Domain Control Panel.

  • Add A Record:

    • Add an A record.

    • Name: [@]

    • IP Addresses: and

  • Adjust TTL Value:

    • Decrease TTL for faster DNS updates.

    • Alternatively, increase TTL for resilience and improved performance.

Step 3: Add Domain in Fathershop Control Panel

  • Access Fathershop Control Panel:

    • Navigate to the settings page in the Fathershop Control Panel.

  • Click "Add Domain" Tab:

    • Under the settings, click on the "Add Domain" tab.

  • Attach New Domain:

    • Enter your domain name (e.g., without "www" or "https" prefixes in the domain field.

  • Verify Domain:

    • Click verify once you enter your domain.


You've successfully linked your third-party domain to your Fathershop store. Now, you can access your Fathershops store using the domain you just saved in the Fathershops admin panel.

Note: DNS changes may take some time to propagate. Ensure to check your domain settings after a few hours for the changes to take effect.

How to Buy a Domain from FatherShops

Step 1: Start the Process

Click on the "Buy a New Domain" option.

Step 2: Enter Your Desired Domain Name

Type the name of the domain you wish to purchase in the provided field.

Step 3: Explore Options and Prices

Review the available domain names and their prices. Choose the one that best fits your niche.

Step 4: Complete the Purchase

Proceed with the payment process to finalize your domain purchase.

Congratulations! You have successfully bought a domain from FatherShops.