• Are the brands on Fatherstock original?
    Yes, all our brands are original from the country of origin. We ship them to your customer via DHL Express.

  • Is it possible to ship to Gulf countries ?
    Yes, we ship to all regions of the Gulf and Arab countries. 

  • If the products were different, do you collect them ?
     Yes, we collect the products for each order, make sure of them, check them and ship them directly to your customer.

  • Does your data appear in the shipment to the customer or my store data?
    No, absolutely, there is no data that appears to the customer regarding Fatherstock. The shipment will arrive to the customer with an invoice with your store logo on it.

  • Is there free shipping ?
    Currently there is no free shipping, in the future it will be added in updates.

  • Is there a COD payment service ?
    Currently, we do not provide this service in the future, we will provide it with additional fees.

  • How do I pay for my products after order confirmation ?
    Simply after confirming the order, you will receive an email with the status of the order. You will enter the control panel and go to orders. You will find a special icon that is ready for payment. You will click on it and then select the shipping category and pay the products via the Internet.

  • I subscribed with you, but I have a problem, I don't understand how to use the control panel ?
    Thank you for choosing father Stock. You can follow our YouTube channel or search the FAQ and you will find answers to your questions or enter the control panel and go to the help center FAQ and you will find frequently asked questions.

  • I want to add sub-sections and additional ?
     Dear, you can add sections from the control panel by going to add features, then adding categories, choosing the categories to be added, and then paying the value of opening the sections and it will appear in your powers.

  • What if the shipment is delayed on the customer ?
    We are sorry that this happened. You can check the status of the shipment through the orders control panel, and you will find the tracking link for the shipment, and then check its location according to the trucking company.

  • If the product is out of stock, how do I know ?
     If your store is technically connected with our services, we will provide a product update service for your account for free, meaning if the product is out of stock, we will stop it from your site, and in the event the stock is renewed, we will activate the product again. If your store is not connected, you will update the inventory manually with the product number through the panel control .

  • How do I put my earnings ?
     You can determine your profits yourself. I mean, after importing the product to your store, you can adjust the price and manually put your profit above the cost price, and there is also a suggested price for the commodity in the control panel.

  • Does the shipment reach the customer's door ?
    Of course, no matter where the customer is, the driver will deliver him directly, because at Fatherstock we use the best international shipping companies, so ensuring the quality of delivery will certainly be one of the most important things for us.